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How To Buy PayPal with Bitcoin

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How To Buy PayPal with Bitcoin
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    Nov 20 2018, 05:00 PM

Buy PayPal with Bitcoin :

Are you stuck on how to buy PayPal with Bitcoin ? It is extremely easy with exchanger. Nonetheless, make sure you PayPal account is activated, and key in the amount of PayPal you want to buy with Bitcoin. After you have keyed in the amount of PayPal you want to buy with Bitcoin, exchanger website will automatically generate a private and special deposit address. You will use the unique address to send your Bitcoin, when buying PayPal with Bitcoin. Once the exchanger system receives your Bitcoin, the process of exchanging PayPal to BTC will start immediately. exchanger uses modern technology. Hence, you BTC account will be credited instantly. To be precise, by the time you press the submit button to send your bitcoins, your PayPal will be credited. It is worth noting that you should enter the correct email. Reason being, exchanger use the email to send cash to your PayPal. Useful facts about PayPal and Bitcoin

how to buy paypal with bitcoin

buy  paypal with bitcoin • more than 162 million active digital wallets are hosted by PayPal in over 203 countries in the world. Therefore, exchanger allows you to buy PayPal with BTC, in any country supported by PayPal. Besides, exchanger offers its services 24hours in a week. This service is similar to that of PayPal, giving you sufficient convenience. • All exchanges in PayPal are done in USD. Also, PayPal supports over 25 currencies. As a result, exchanger gives you the freedom of exchanging all the currencies available. But, mostly importantly about exchanger is that you will always enjoy the value of your money. I am a witness, because their service charge fee is just 3%, without other additional charges. • PayPal was invented in the year 1998, while Bitcoin was invented in the year 2009. Even after the early invention of both, it is only recently that exchanger have fulfilled what most early exchangers have not been offering. • PayPal accepts more than 100 currencies. Hence, exchanger accepts the currencies. The aim of is ensuring PayPal users from parts of the world are served accordingly, and their exchange needs from one currency to the other are sufficiently satisfied. • PayPal applies peer-to-peer technology, bitcoin utilizes blockchain technology. Both technologies are modern. To ensure the users are enjoying exchange services, exchanger website is designed using advanced technology, making it user-friendly and convenient to any user. Advantages of using pmtopp to buy PayPal with Bitcoin • Swift processing of orders: unlike most exchanger websites that are said to be automatic but takes ages to process, is swift in processing orders. All exchange services provided by exchanger website are instant. When buying PayPal with Bitcoin, expect your PayPal wallet to be credited immediately you press the submit button the website. • Secure Connection: All orders carried out on exchanger website uses an SSL connection. The secure connection utilized by exchanger ensures the details of all users are well protected from hackers, and there is no porous penetration on the website. • Higher exchange rates: The is no other exchanger website offering higher exchange rates in the market, apart from .whether online or offline. Besides, the exchanger charges just 3% as the service fee. There are no other additional costs that are hidden like with most users. is the only exchanger that can give you real value for your hard-earned cash. • Highly reliable: exchanger customer support service is available 24/7. This ensures their customers issues and questions are solved immediately. Besides, you enjoy buying PayPal with Bitcoin at any hour of the day without delay.

how to buy paypal with bitcoin

buy  paypal with bitcoin
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